The Importance of Tailored Business Systems for Startups: A Guide to Choosing Wisely

Off-the-shelf business systems promise a quick fix to complex operational challenges, offering a shortcut to efficiency and growth. However, as many entrepreneurs discover, the effectiveness of a business system is not one-size-fits-all.

Startup business systems

How to Apply the 80 20 Rule to Accelerate Growth in Your Startup or Micro Business

I invited my top 3 clients and their partners to one of the most popular restaurants in town and paid for some finger food and drinks, where we spent about 2 hours after work having a laugh.

No business talk.

As a result, the next day, I received phone calls from 2 of those clients to book advertising campaigns.

Another client noticed me out to dinner and remarked (jokingly) that she would like an invite next time. That client also phoned a day or 2 later and booked the biggest single advertising campaign I ever worked on.

The 80 20 rule for startups