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Go Solo Startups provide Startup Websites and Digital Marketing solutions to service-based businesses, through value packed, fixed price, monthly memberships.

Member Businesses

Startup websites for Mi Cool Air Dubbo
Social media marketing for Zoe Phillips Bookkeeping
Startup websites for Danny Hile
Startup website for Elite Country Cleaning
Startup website for Nati Silks
Startup webssite for ALC Balloons

Membership Benefits

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Launch Startup Websites

Easily create your own startup website with WordPress and learn new skills with our free training.

Add Your Domain

Publish your first website, fast, and share your link or bring your own domain name for free.

Spread The Word

Every plan has built in search engine optimisation and social media marketing tools.

Join Our Community

Join, connect and grow with our community of like-minded Startup Founders.

Raise Your Profile

Highlight your professional strengths and feature your profile in our business directory.

Learn Marketing Skills

Join Go Solo Startups for access to marketing training and resources for startups.

Sample Startup Websites

Mi Cool Air startup websites example
Mi Cool Air Pty Ltd
Mijo Wines startup website
Mijo Wine and Liquor Online
Elite Country Cleaning website
Elite Country Cleaning

Plans and Pricing

Startup Community

Community Member


Connect with like-minded Startup Founders

  • Community Membership
  • Professional Profile
  • Free Short Marketing Courses


Go Solo Bronze
$ 0 .00

free forever

  • Community membership
  • DIY website and hosting
  • Free marketing courses
  • 8 pre-built sites +100 blocks

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Go Solo Silver
$ 99 .00

per year (+GST)

  • Everything in Bronze
  • 36 full site designs
  • 437 premium blocks
  • Dynamic content

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Go Solo Gold
$ 199 .00

per year (+GST)

  • Everything in Silver
  • Connect your domain
  • Advanced SEO tool
  • Extra marketing tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are startup websites?

Startup websites are simply spaces to launch your startup business online, without paying substantial commissions to freelance or online marketplaces. Startup websites empower you to build your own brand image and start building your client list, who you can reach out to for repeat business.

Who is Go Solo Startups?

Go Solo Startups is owned and operated by Danny Hile, who noticed Australian service based startup businesses weren’t getting a fair go when it came to getting their business online, promoting their personal brand and growing their business.

Why is a startup website important?

A startup website is your space to find and present the best of you and your business online, so you can build your personal brand and establish a favourable online presence. A website is your own space, so you don’t need to follow the rules set by social media platforms or worry about algorithms when you’re posting content.

Websites are highly customisable, so you don’t need to fit in with the corporate blue branding of popular social media giants. Plus, you can use your website as a sort of digital hub to attract subscribers, grow your mailing list, sell, accept payments and fulfil delivery of your service online.

How can Go Solo Startups help with digital marketing?

Go Solo Startups can help reach your prospects at several touch points, attract them to your business and nurture them to become paying clients.

We do this by creating dynamic startup websites, with high conversion landing pages, and funneling traffic from social media, content publishing, search engine marketing, display advertising and email marketing, to name a few.

How much are startup websites?

So happy you asked! As a new business owner, we know it can take come time to get on your feet. That’s why we have options to get you started for free, which empower you to launch your own website, publish your content and sell your services online.

Paid plans are also available if you need more power. We also have fully managed options, in case you need a qualified marketer to help you grow your business.

How will clients find my startup?

Clients might find your startup business anywhere online, which is why Go Solo Startups includes Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and powerful marketing integrations to help grow your business. Your membership also includes a Professional Profile, so like minded entrepeneurs can discover you right away.

Go Solo Startup includes marketing training, templates and how to guides, which can help you learn more about sales and marketing and apply these lessons to grow your business.

Does every business need a website?

No. Not every business needs a website, however, there are some important benefits to having your own website. Launching your own website means you have some control over the look and feel of your brand.

You can automate routine processes, like emailing brochures, selling services, processing payments, issuing invoices and more. Plus, having a website lets you reach more people in your target market, especially if they are spread out across the world. 

Do I need a website, if I have a Facebook page?

Facebook has a lot of registered users but there are a couple of differences between Facebook and your own startup website.

Facebook is a marketplace that works on getting and keeping people’s attention, so the newest posts win and you are likely to get penalised for anything “promotional”. On your own site, there are no algorithms, so you decide what to publish and how long it stays front and centre. Facebook can change the rules at any time, which may impact how or if your business posts are being seen at all. 

What is the best website for a start up?

Every startup, like every website, is different. WordPress powers 40 percent of the Internet, however, it might not be most suitable for your business. Consider the purpose of your business and associated website.

Ask yourself if you need lead magnets, e-commerce cabailities, physical products, digital downloads, online bookings, an event calendar, a customer service portal or any othr feature. Remember, no website will have everything, so you will need to select one that meets the criteria of your startup.

What is a Digital Marketing Hub?

A digital marketing hub empowers you to do more than a static website. In essence, it’s a platform where you can integrate several parts of your digital marketing.

Go Solo Startups is your space to share the best of you online, publish blog and other content, optimise for search engines, cross post to social media, collect payments, send invoices and manage client contact data.

I’m in a rush. How long until I can publish content?

You can publish your first blog post or page right away, however, it usually takes us about 24 hours to install and set up our premium theme templates for you. Don’t worry. Your content will still be there for you, when we publish your new theme.

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