11 Best Ideas to Promote Your Startup for Less Than $100

Table of Contents 1. Leverage Social Media 2. Collaborate with Influencers 3. Create Valuable Content 4. Join Online Communities 5. Utilise Email Marketing 6. Offer Free Trials or Freemium Models 7. Host an Event or Webinar 8. Network Through Meetups 9. Get Feature in Blogs and Podcasts 10. Utilise SEO Best Practices 11. Run Targeted (more…)

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13 Sources of Inspiration for Your Social Media Content Ideas

Table of Contents How to Find Social Media Content Ideas Blog Feeds Books Clients Competitors Local Events Movies Nature News Podcasts Suppliers Trends TV Shows Your Content Ever get stuck trying to come up with fresh social media content ideas? Trust me, you’re not alone. It’s a common challenge my clients tell me about all (more…)

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How to Achieve Maximum Results from Social Media Platforms (14 x Cheat Codes)

Social media platforms are a great opportunity… AND a crazy space to try and stand out now. It’s okay. You can take a peak at a few of our ideas that may help you stand out, not just on social media platforms, but in the real word too. 14 Social Media Tips Appreciate Others’ Content (more…)

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10 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tactics Entrepreneurs Need to Thrive Today

In a challenging global and local economy, solo entrepreneurs and micro business owners need to deploy budget friendly marketing tactics. In a world that’s starting to feel more like David and Goliath, the “David’s” of business need to fight like thrashing machines to compete. You might recall I wrote a blog post about low cost (more…)

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Proximity Marketing Works Great ,Even for Your Service-Based Startup

Proximity marketing is the use of technology to send targeted messages to consumers who are close to your business. While some of this technology might be beyond the reach of your small service-based business, there are other methods of reaching your clients closer to the point of sale. Examples of proximity marketing Consider the 2 (more…)

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How to Seize a Market Share Increase by Promoting in Tough Times

Media talks of doom and gloom but did you know advertising and promotion in tough times can lead to a market share increase? In layman’s terms, that means a bigger piece of pie for you and your merry men or women. That’s the best reason to continue your promotional efforts through thick and thin, but (more…)

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Social Media Marketing Tactics to Save You 30 Hours a Week

When you’re running a business, you barely have time to finish the essentials because you wear so many hats. Still, there’s almost an expectation that you need to share what you do on your social channels. More than polished corporate images. Your followers want to see what you don’t advertise. They want to see behind the scenes.

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Here’s the 411 on Street Marketing and Tips From a Few Crazy Genius Marketing Gurus

On street marketing, also known as geurilla marketing, is just as it sounds. Creative and cost effective promotional tactics that cost less than traditional advertising. Good news for you is you are only limited by your imagination… and local laws. You might need to seek permission from government, local council or a business owner if (more…)

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21 Advertising and Promotion Ideas, to Help Boost Your Business Results

Advertising can be low cost and cost effective but this idea that everything is free will not serve your business well. You don’t want to be on an equal footing than your competitors. You want to be better known, so your brand is positioned in people’s minds when they are ready to buy.

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Social Media Marketing is About Your Customers Seeing You Naked but don’t be Embarrassed

Social media marketing is competitive and if you want your business to stand out, you need to take risks by exposing yourself. Before you dim the lights and get into your birthday suit, I should clarify, no one actually needs to take their clothes off here. Put the camera away Romeo. What I mean by (more…)

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