Street Smart Entrepreneurs are Brilliant CARDDS Players

Perfect entrepreneurs know, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. The trouble is, there are no perfect entrepreneurs.

I don’t know who first said those words but since then it has frequently been repeated by perfectionists everywhere. I know business owners who believe this to their core and the way their business runs is proof of that.

Street smart entrepreneurs play CARDDS

1 Personal Connection Can Empower You to Transform Your Business and Life

Everyone needs personal connection. For some, they need a deeper connection to self, to friends or family, in intimacy or love, as connection to country or perhaps getting back to nature. Ask anyone successful and often they can name 1 person who changed everything for them. “The worst part of holding the memories is not (more…)

Personal connection is a human need

Extreme Accountability is the Secret Weapon of Successful Entrepreneurs

Accountability is one thing you need to embrace as an entrepreneur because you are in control of more than you know. When you’re a business owner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of blaming things outside your control. But now you’re the boss and you get to make decisions that impact your business. Negative (more…)

Entrepreneur Taking Accountability

10 Sole Trader Apps to Grow Your New Business and Save Thousands on Subscriptions

There’s no shortage of sole trader apps or micro business software to grow your business but what if you’re trying to grow on a shoestring budget? A small monthly subscription here and there can add up quickly. If you’re a fan of movie streaming services, you probably already know what I mean. Elaine Pofeldt wrote (more…)

Sole trader apps

What are Soft Skills in Marketing and How Can These 7 Ideas Save You From Extinction?

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you have done something wrong? Artificial intellingence doesn’t feel. So, who is responsible is it prints lies, hate or discrimatory speech in your name? Perhaps it’s something you wouldn’t say but not you’re going to be held accountable for what this unfeeling little gremlin has created. What are soft skills for, if not for making us feel guilt once in a while?

what are soft skills

Positive Thinking Kills Your Best Goal Setting Skills

I have often visualised worst case scenarios in my own mind and tried to think of preventative measures or possible solutions. I expect to encounter problems when I’m pursuing my goals. I believe the trick is to pay attention to the things that go wrong and then be as prepared as you possibly can.

Goal setting skills and positive thinking

How to Apply the 80 20 Rule to Accelerate Growth in Your Startup or Micro Business

I invited my top 3 clients and their partners to one of the most popular restaurants in town and paid for some finger food and drinks, where we spent about 2 hours after work having a laugh.

No business talk.

As a result, the next day, I received phone calls from 2 of those clients to book advertising campaigns.

Another client noticed me out to dinner and remarked (jokingly) that she would like an invite next time. That client also phoned a day or 2 later and booked the biggest single advertising campaign I ever worked on.

The 80 20 rule for startups