Smarter Bookings

You’re going to love our booking intelligence for solopreneurs and micro business owners because it’s extremely flexible but powerful enough to grow as your team does.

Here’s why you’re going to want our booking app

  1. Empower clients to book online, so you save the “back and forth” calls and emails
  2. Enable your clients to book meeting rooms or resources at the same time
  3. Connect your zoom meeting room, so clients can book a virtual meeting
  4. Take control of your time, so you can do less admin and more of what you want
  5. Clients can pay or leave a deposit, which means you’ll never be stuck with “no shows”
  6. Qualify and prioritise prospective clients, by asking questions at the time of booking
  7. Smart booking intelligence checks your calendar and blocks out your days off
  8. Plan and block out holidays for you and your key staff, so everyone gets to recharge
  9. Scynchronise your bookings with your Microsoft 365 or GSuite Calendar
  10. Book one-on-one or accept group bookings to multiply your income per hour

Who uses booking intelligence apps?

booking intelligence solopreneurs


As a solopreneur, you wear many hats. Why not wear one less and empower your clients to manage their own meetings on your site?

booking intelligence freelancers


We get it. You love what you do. Our booking intelligence lets you automate meeting bookings and more, so you can focus on the work.

booking intelligence micro business

Micro businesses

Add up to 5 employees to your launch website’s booking intelligence platform, at no extra charge, so you can scale up fast.

Integrate booking intelligence with what you use now

Calendar Sync

Connect and synchronise your existing Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Reminders Everywhere

Set additional reminders for you or your clients via email, SMS or WhatsApp.

Accept Payments

Accept upfront credit card payments via Stripe or PayPal to prevent “no shows”.

Frequently asked questions about bookings

How will I control my time with automated bookings?

With the Go Solo Startups booking intelligence system, powered by WP Amelia, you set your work hours, buffer time between meetings, days off and even schedule in your hard earned holidays. You’re in complete control of your time as the boss and you can empower your team with the same autonomy over how they use their time.

How will clients remember appointments booked on my website?

You can keep your clients organised by sending optional email, SMS or WhatsApp reminders. In our fast paced world, clients often need a gentle reminder to be on time for appointments. Go Solo Startups uses Amelia bookings, which have this feature built in.

How can I make sure I’m not wasting time with non-clients?

Add custom fields and invite clients to tell you more about themselves and their needs, so you can qualify new opportunities before you meet. You can quickly screen clients based on income, job title or any other criteria you set for them to address.

What if someone tries to book me but I already have something on?

Sync your existing Google or Outlook calendar with the Go Solo Startups online booking system, powered by WP Amelia, so you can synch your work schedule with your personal calendar. You won’t even need to lift a finger to decline meeting requests, if they don’t suit your schedule.

How can my clients pay me when they book a meeting?

Go Solo Startups booking intelligence systems, powered by WP Amelia, allow you to accept PayPal or Stripe payments. Plus you can choose between accepting a deposit or taking full payment prior to meeting. You’re in complete control.

Can clients still book a Zoom meeting with me, even if I have the free version?

Go Solo Startups bookings, by WP Amelia, easily connects to Zoom or Google meet, so you can accept free or paid bookings and have your virtual meeting room booked and waiting. No need to pay for an upgrade on your Zoom account, if you don’t want to.

What if I get stuck and need help with bookings?

Go Solo Startups uses WP Amelia, so we have created training for you and WP Amelia have tonnes of videos and self-help resources if you get stuck. We deliberately chose a flexible booking system, so sometimes people need help with all the options. If that happens, just send us a quick message and we can help you out.

How much time will I really save by using booking intelligence?

Consider the time it takes you or your assistant to set a time with someone by phone or email. Then the time it takes to reschedule in case things change or even send reminders if they don’t. Not to mention the opportunities you miss if your client fails to show. You create and send a manual invoice and then chase the client several times before they finally pay. Multiply this by the number of clients you deal with in a single week and you will soon see the time and money saved adds up.

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