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Ever get stuck trying to come up with fresh social media content ideas? Trust me, you’re not alone. It’s a common challenge my clients tell me about all the time. Not to mention, they don’t have time to post on social media, while they’re busy operating a business. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

In this post, we’ll explore 13 awesome sources to spark your creativity and keep your content game strong. From blog feeds to TV shows, there’s plenty of inspiration all around you. Let’s jump in and see how you can start creating engaging posts that your audience will love!

How to Find Social Media Content Ideas

Blog Feeds

Blog feeds are full of gold nuggets just waiting for you to discover. Subscribe to blogs in your industry using a feed reader like Feedly, and you’ll always be in the loop with the latest trends and tips. When you find a cool article, think about how you can share the key points in a social media post. Summarize the main ideas, share your thoughts, or ask your audience a question to get them talking. Just remember to give credit to the original authors!

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Books, whether they’re about your industry or something completely different, are awesome for finding deep, well-researched content. While you read, highlight passages that stand out or think about insights that could be great for social media content ideas. Share your favorite quotes, give a quick summary, or make a connection between the book’s themes and what’s happening in your industry. Book reviews and reading lists can also engage your audience and show off your expertise.



Your clients are a goldmine of social media content ideas! Their questions, feedback, and challenges can be turned into posts that address the same issues your target audience might have. Create case studies, highlight success stories, or do Q&A posts based on questions you get often. Sharing testimonials and client stories not only builds credibility but also makes your brand more relatable.


Keeping an eye on your competitors can give you great insights into what works in your industry. Check out their social media feeds and see what types of posts get the most engagement. Use these patterns to inspire your own ideas while putting your unique spin on things. Look for gaps in their content where you can step in and offer something valuable.

Local Events

Local events, whether they’re industry conferences or community meetups, are great for generating content. Attend these events and share live updates, behind-the-scenes pics, or recap posts with key takeaways. Tagging the event organisers and speakers can boost your reach, and using event-specific hashtags gets you in on the broader conversation.


Movies can be a surprisingly rich source of social media content ideas. Relate popular films or TV shows to your industry in fun and engaging ways. Discuss business lessons from a movie or draw analogies between movie plots and industry scenarios. For instance, if you’re in tech, talk about the innovation in sci-fi films. This creative touch can make your content stand out and connect with your audience on a personal level.


Nature is an endless source of inspiration for your social content. Share stunning visuals from your travels or local spots and tie them to your brand’s story. Use nature metaphors to explain complex ideas simply. This can make your posts visually appealing and evoke emotions, promoting a sense of calm among your followers.


Staying updated with the latest news can help you create timely and relevant content. Share your take on breaking news, industry updates, or any big changes in regulations that affect your field. You could also do a weekly news roundup. By staying informed and sharing insights, you position yourself as a go-to source for up-to-date info.


Podcasts are another goldmine for content ideas. Listen to industry-related podcasts and jot down key takeaways, interesting quotes, or new ideas. Share these insights with your audience, or create posts summarising podcast episodes you love. Tagging podcast hosts and using episode hashtags can also increase your reach. Not sure where to start? Try Wired’s list of the 60 best podcasts in 2024.


Your suppliers can surprise you with great social media content ideas. Share behind-the-scenes stories about your relationships, how their products or services benefit your business, or collaborate on content together. Feature supplier spotlights, interviews, or testimonials. This not only strengthens partnerships but also gives your audience a more rounded view of your operations.

Keeping tabs on industry trends is crucial to staying relevant. Follow trend reports, hashtags, Google Trends and leaders in your field. Create content that reflects these trends or forecast what’s ahead based on your expertise. Posting about trends shows you’re forward-thinking and helps your audience stay ahead of the curve.

TV Shows

TV shows, much like movies, can be an awesome source of relatable content. Draw connections between popular shows and your industry. Analyse character decisions or plot twists for lessons that apply to business or personal growth. For example, a startup-themed show could offer entrepreneurial insights. Engaging with TV show fan communities can also expand your reach.

Your Content

Don’t forget to repurpose your own content! Look at your best-performing posts, blogs, or videos and think about new ways to present that information. Turn a popular blog post into an infographic, social media images, or a short video. This saves time and ensures your valuable content reaches more people.

Tap into these diverse sources to keep your social media content ideas fresh and engaging. Remember, to check out our business templates for social media cheat sheets and planning resources. I’d also suggest you check out our exclusive member deals on software like Publer, which is like a social media superhero that can save you hours.


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