Run side hustles from home

Do you want to run side hustles from home but worried about the impact this will have on your family life? Most side businesses zap your time and energy. Not to mention the impacts it can have on family life if you’re not careful to manage them.

We’re not talking about kids swapping Pokemon cards either (although, to be fair, this is big kids doing big business now). In 2021, according to ING, around 48 percent of Australians had started or were thinking of starting side hutles from home.

Run Your Side Hustles From Home

Working a 9-5 day job and then arriving back home to work on your own business, after hours can be quite stressful, especially if you have personal goals to work on, a spouse who expects to see you sometimes (needy, I know) or children who depend on you. And if you’re one of those poor souls who work shifts, day and night, I feel your pain.

As a dad in training, I don’t mind telling you I have been forced to make a number of changes to how I work. Prior to being a parent, I would get up at 5am and start my work, almost every day. My 9 month old Son had other plans and decided he would also wake at 5am. Far from my routine work day, my mornings consist of a nappy change, feed and 500 replays of his favourite Wiggles episode. Yay, play it again.

So, I began working at night instead. When my family starts winding down, I start winding up. Yes, there are nights I’m dog tired and don’t get much done. I just remind myself tomorrow is another day. I didn’t make this decision alone, to work at night. I spoke to my wife about my choice and how she felt about it.

Write an Agreement and Set Your Rules

Any arguments that arise in my marriage are usually a result of a misunderstanding. Quite silly really and we realise once a problem resolves, we both feel like fools for over reacting. One simple way around this is to write an agreement, so everyone in the family unit know what’s expected of them. Here’s what goes into such an agreement:

Define Work Hours

Include acceptable work hours in your agreement, so your family know how much time you need to invest to move the needle on your business. Maybe it will help to explain how you use the time wisely. After my Son decided early mornings were best for him, I switched to working at night, when my Wife and Son were settled.

Define Family Hours

You may believe family hours is simply the absence of work. Not true. Family hours is about signalling to your family they are your number one priority. That means get off the phone, turn off Facebook and be present with those you love.


Not too long ago, I observed a father in a cafe, working on his laptop. His children (about 10 years old) sat in front of him on their handheld tablets. I thought it odd that this family did not utter a single word for nearly 45 minutes. Maybe I don’t see the whole picture of this father’s realtionship with his kids but that’s just not the type of relationship I want with my own family.

Pick a Desk

Choose a space in your house that you can work distraction free and go there when you work on your business. Try to make it a seperate space from where you relax, if possible. Going into your designated workpsace can be a signal that you are in work mode and you need to focus on a specific task. Discuss this idea with your family and explain that this affords you some real focus, so when you are back in the family or common areas, your undivided attention is back on your loved ones.

Stay Flexible

A key benefit of working on your own side hustles from home is the flexbility to choose when and how you work. For example, if some personal or family matter comes up on a weekday, treat that as your break and make up for those hours on a weekend or some other time you would not normally work. Remember, this goes both ways. If you spend a fair chunk of Sunday working in email, maybe take Monday afternoon to treat your family or significant other to dinner or a movie.

Talk Money

When your business is just getting started, you might make a loss (when you need to keep purchasing equipment) or only a small profit. You need to have a plan you can share with your significan other, so their expectations are more in line with yours about when you break even and when you become profitable. Breaking even or making a loss is not so scary if it’s all part of the long term plan.

Stay Healthy

Your family worries about you. Before it was your parents and now it’s your partner, spouse, firends or kids. Where your family AND your business are concerned, you are the number one asset. If you burnout, your business dies, and your family struggles. Not to mention the risks to your health that can have lasting consequences. Look at me! Now I’m worried about you. Have you had your 8 glasses of water today?

(Honey, if you’re reading this, please don’t worry. I’m off to bed soon).

Switch Off

When I say stay healthy, I mean mentally too. When you are calm and in control, you’re a pleasure to be around. You might not even see how you make others feel when you are constantly distracted, barely listening and taking breaks from real relationships and intimacy to check social media. But you can be damn sure people around you feel it. Learn to switch off at the end of your work day. Unless your business is literally an on call emergency service or provides life saving operations on demand, the messages can wait.

Find Support

You can run any type of side husltes from home, however, if you don’t live alone you impact someone else’s life. Previously I have spoken and written about the significance family and friend support play in goal setting and achievement. Involve the most important people in your life in your decisions and they will be more likely to buy in and support the work you do for your side-business.


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