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Social media platforms are a great opportunity… AND a crazy space to try and stand out now. It’s okay. You can take a peak at a few of our ideas that may help you stand out, not just on social media platforms, but in the real word too.

14 Social Media Tips

Appreciate Others’ Content

Too many social media marketers focus on creating new content to attract likes shares and engagement. Consider the low engagement on some other people’s posts. And you might soon realise that you can stand out by commenting or starting a discussion on their post.

Check In and Tag Folks

A rule about creating great posts on social media is to reach the right people, at the right time. Remember to check in and tag people, so you can add context to a post.

Confirm Event Timing

When you are sharing social media content based around a specific event, make sure you consider the timing of those posts. For example, posting immediately before or during an event may get more engagement than posting a couple of days later.

Co-ordinate With TV, Movies etc

Is there a show on tv or a movie on a streaming service that relates to your content? If there is consider the timing of your social media posts so they coincide with the show or include a hashtag so people can easily find your content when they search for show related hash tags.

Cut Long and Short Form Content

Mix long and short form content, so you can maximise the opportunity from a single piece of content production. For example, Make a ten minute video and then cut that content into ten one minute videos. Not only will you maximise the value of the content but you will also attract new audiences based on their different type of content that they are more likely to engage with.

Expand and Contract Content, As Needed

When you are considering writing a book, Perhaps start by riding a blog post on the same topic. Assess your blog post for engagement, As well as any questions that readers have. You can also go in the other direction and cut long form blog content down into individual names or posts by extracting facts.


Keep Things Familiar

I would argue that two of the most popular restaurants in my town very really change their menu. When they do release a new menu they never change the old favourites, They simply introduce a couple of new dishes to try and replace those dishes that have not been selling well.

In the book called Focus by Daniel Goleman, he discusses the research based on releasing new songs and the idea that marketer surround new release songs with some old favourites.

While marketers often try to distract people with shiny new objects.The truth is people like familiarity. Include a touch of familiarity in your blog posts. By adding a location, a memory or people that readers might be familiar therefore give them a sense of comfort or nostalgia.

Favour New Media Types

Social media platforms are always competing with each other by adding new media types on new formats. Your content will Rank higher than others if you choose to include new formats, which are often favoured by the social media platforms’ algorithms. Get creative with how you share content. One way you can do that is to change something you would normally take a photo of and turn it into a short video or to turn a long form video into several shorts or reels.

Mix Hash Tag Popularity

Hashtag’s a one way paper will search for your content.And you probably already know to include hashtags in your posts. If you rank well for highly popular hashtags your social media post could go viral. However, Ranking high for these popular hash tags is a challenge. Remember to include a mix of highly popular and less popular hash tags. If your content gets noticed with one of the less popular hashtags you stand a chance of stepping up to the next most popular hashtag.

Play Swapsies With Covers

One way people evaluate your content, when deciding whether to watch a video or engage with a post, is reviewing the cover or the image you use to promote it. You can experiment with different covers and you can even custom create video covers on at all like canva.

Schedule Posts for Optimal Times

Timing of your social media posts is so important to engage the right audience. Consider what time your target audience will be most active, what the context is that there will be consuming content in and which platform they are likely to be on at that time of day. People engage with personal platforms like Facebook in a different time to a professional platform like Linkedin.

Share Original Photos

Most of your audience know you can actually buy the rights to stock photos or staged images online. Very few people will be interested to like, share or comment on your post if you use only stock images. People love to see behind the scenes in your business. People like to see behind the scenes, photos of your staff and photos or vodeos of the process you use in completing your work.

Show People Backstage

Further to my last point, people like to see behind the scenes. Your followers don’t go on to social media to see a polished thirty second version of an ad that they could see on any commercial tv network. They go on to see the uncut version, Which is the equivalent of backstage passes to meet a band at a rock concert.

Synchronise With Live Events

When you are running alive event and want to promote that on social media, make sure you engage your attendees by giving them a hashtag and suggestions for what they might be able to share to their pages. You might even include people to take photos in context at your event.

Share With Us

Even if you picked up a couple of tips from this post , I’m confident it Will help you attract more engagement on your posts across various social media platforms. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed these tips and also feel free to share your best social media tips with my audience.


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