Startup experts to follow

Startup Experts appear to be everywhere online. Startups are a unique type of business because they are typically have no money, are under-resourced, short staffed and don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.

Startups are tough. Jumping through hoops to follow false prophets (at least of the startup variety) is no way to spend your eternity. As a Startup Founder, everything is a test, and you can’t afford to fail too many of those. You need to take a step back when you start to smell .

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Startup Experts to Follow

Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen is a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz focused on tech startups based in LA and SF. Andrew wrote a brilliant book called The Cold Start Problem, in which he shares some excellent tactics to grow a business that experiences network effects, such as a social networking or membership website.

You can see some of Andrew’s writing at .

Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley stands out as one of those Startup Experts who delivers thought provoking talks and shares his highly original thoughts on building a business from the ground up. Check out his first book, How to Become a Key Person of Influence.

You can learn about Daniel at his official website,

Elaine Pofeldt

Elaine Pofeldt is a Business Journalist who wrote two books along the same lines. The Million Dollar One Person Business had a catchy title but the content was so good, I also picked up her next book, Tiny Business Big Money.

See Elaine’s blog, books, courses and more at

John Lee Dumas

I’m a massive fan of John Lee Dumas, not only because he interviews other fascinating startup experts, but because he walks the talk. In fact, he openly publishes details of his revenue online, with a detailed break down of where he makes his money.

Go check it out at

Mike Michalowicz

Mike has created several multi-million dollar businesses, written some easy to read books for entrepreneurs and publishes free resources on his site to help startup founders.

Visit Mike’s website at

Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan has a wealth of tech startup experience. After being an early employee at Facebook and Mint, among others, Noah decided to venture out on his own. Eventually he started App Sumo and several other successful businesses. What Noah taught me is that you can test an idea, without losing everything.

Noah’s website is

Peter Thiel

Co-Founder of PayPal, first outside investor in Facebook; Peter Thiel is an Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist. Peter wrote a book called Zero to One and I don’t think I need to tell you (BUT I will anyway) it’s worth a read.

Robert Gerrish

Rober Gerrish is the Co-Founder of an Australian Company called Flying Solo. Robert wrote a book called Flying Solo Revisited and The 1 Minute Commute. I remember reading those and noticing he had taken insight from community posts of solo-enterpreneurs and discussed them in his book.

Robert Gerrish is a speaker and you can find him at

Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is an extremely talented man, who writes music, consults on marketing and has been engaged as someone who knows how to publish and marketing a book to best seller status. I suggest you start by reading his book, Growth Hacker Marketing.

Ryan Holiday’s official website is at

Tim Ferriss

I’m not sure if this guy needs an introduction but here goes. Tim first shot to fame after he wrote the book, The 4 Hour Work Week, which quickly became a best seller. My understanding is Tim coined the term “Work Life Design”, which is what first got me thinking about desiging a business around the life of your dreams.

Check out Tim’s highly original podcast and blog at

Remember Lesser Known Startup Experts

Remember, Startup Experts are simply those who know more than you do. When you’re just starting out, that should not be difficult to find. Make sure you appreciate the lesser known experts because sometimes the help you need is right under your nose.

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