Unconventional work spaces

When you work remotely or work from home, it can be difficult to find comfortable work spaces, when you travel or need a change of scenery. Working from home can be lonely too, so getting out can fill that void. And if you work in a traditional office I can feel your judgement. You’re probably thinking, “get me a violin for this guy who has challenges working from home”.

Anyway… here are ten amazing spaces where you can set up shop and get down to business.

10 best work spaces for remote workers

Small Home Office

Even if you don’t have a dedicated room, you can create a comfortable workspace in a quiet corner of your home1. Consider how you can seperate yourself from everything else that’s going on in your house or tune out distractions by listening to some white noise or music on your headphones, while you work. You might even renovate the garden shed or get an all weather pod in your back yard.

Co-working Spaces

These offer varied workspaces and great networking opportunities. Some even offer high-end services or cater to specific professions23. In capital cities, like Sydney or Melbourne, you might have options like Regus or Servcorp.


Libraries offer a quiet atmosphere perfect for concentration, and most provide free Wi-Fi4. Most have quiet spaces to work and break out meeting rooms if you need them. Wherever you are in NSW, you can serach for your local library on the state library website.


If you love the outdoors and have a portable hotspot or a park with free Wi-Fi nearby, why not work in the fresh air4? Plenty of parks in Australia have great facilities for children too, so you can do some work and watch the kids play.


Many museums have quiet work spaces or cafes where you could work. Just make sure to check their Wi-Fi availability4. Or take your phone with you and create your own portable hotspot.


Most universities (and TAFE campuses) have libraries or study areas that are open to the public. Plus, the campus atmosphere might boost your productivity4. Sometimes you can hire facilities such as meeting and conference rooms too.

Internet Cafés

These work spaces are designed for digital nomads. Apart from coffee, they provide desks and Wi-Fi4. Internet cafes seem to be less common now because most people have internet enables laptops, tablets or smart phones… but you can still find them in major cities.

Quirky Co-working Spaces

For those who crave a unique environment, there are work spaces that push the boundaries of conventional workspaces5. You can get creative with this. In almost any town in Australia, you could work from a quiet corner of the pub, work in a hotel foyer or during lunch at the local Chinese restaurant.

Shared Spaces

If you enjoy working in a relaxed atmosphere, look for shared work spaces or subleased offices6. Perhaps ask organisations you partner with, suppliers or your clients if they have a free space you can work from. Check out Office Hub to search for available spaces.


This is a blend of a coffee shop and office. They’re designed for remote workers and typically offer a great working atmosphere7. Some regional locations don’t have such a novelty but most cafe owners will let you work for 30 minutes or more for the price of a coffee, as long as they’re not too busy. In most city centres, Starbucks provides a comfortable space to work.


Remember, the best workspace for you depends on your work style and what kind of environment helps you stay focused and productive. In regional locations, like Dubbo, we generally have less work spaces available. Check out my article filled with ideas for Dubbo and other regional businesses. Happy remote working!

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