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Looking for a few top sponsorship ideas to get people talking about your brand? As a small or micro business owner, you have hundreds of options to promote your business, including heavily hyped social media options.

Few promotional ideas are better than sponsoring an event or cause that makes sense for your business and the community it operates in.

Top sponsorship ideas

Nothing screams community spirit like supporting your local sports team. Get your logo on their jerseys and watch the high-fives roll in! Don’t limit yourself to the most popular sports and popular teams. Even Vince Vaughan’s team from Dodgeball had a small but loyal following.

Do you know an up-and-coming local sports star? When someone has potential but they haven’t yet realised their dream, they need funding for equipment, uniforms, travel and accommodation. Consider sponsoring an athlete who makes sense for your brand because they share the same values or play a sport that’s close to your organisation’s heart.

Throw a street party

Who doesn’t love a good party? Partner up with other local businesses and throw a street party to bring your VIP clients together. Don’t forget the food, drinks, and games! This is one of those pretty low cost sponsorship ideas. John Ilhan, founder of Crazy John’s Mobile Phones in Australia, was well known for putting on a few promotional barbecues.

Host a charity event

Give back to your community by hosting a charity event, like a fund-raising ball, gala night or cabaret show. Not only will you make a difference, but you’ll also show off your big-hearted side. Not to mention you’ll have a fun day or night.

Support the future generation by sponsoring a school club or after-school program. You’ll be helping kids learn new skills while making parents smile. Consider after school hobbies and activities, such as horse riding, games clubs, book clubs, chess clubs, young leaders and coding camps.

Organize a fun run

Get people moving with a fun run (or walk) in your community. You can even make it themed—like a costume race or a colour run—to add more excitement. Remember to make tee shirts for all the participants to wear, with an inspiring message and your logo on it. You could even print clothing for the “first 10” or someone who achieves an excellent time, so they have that extra sense of pride and wear items with your logo long after the walk or run. Fun runs are one of those sposnorship ideas that give you exposure long after the day.

Find a local podcast or YouTube channel that aligns with your target audience and sponsor their content. It’s a great way to reach new ears and eyes. This might be a traditional ad or you can pay the host to mention or discuss your brand throughout the podcast or video. Find a show that reaches an audience similar to your target market. You can contact a channel owner directly or you can use a service like Acast to advertise.

Sometimes product placements are obvious in movies but if done well, a product or service placement may be heavily disguised as entertainment. Some placements are so good, as the viewer, you will barely know you’re being sold to. Remember, entrepreneurs can sponsor low budget or short films too. Contact some local production companies and start talking about what’s possible.

Is there a great idea you’re aware of that your business could help fund? There are loads of ways to do this. You could hold a “Shark Tank” like event and ask entrepreneurs to pitch you their idea. You might also consider checking out crowd funding sites for ideas you can get involved in. In case you prefer to sponsor someone who needs it more, check out Kiva.org, where you can fund struggling entrepreneurs to help them escape poverty.

Offer scholarships or contests

Show your commitment to education and personal growth by offering scholarships or contests for local students or aspiring entrepreneurs. You might also hold a contest to attract new clients, employees or partners with the skill set you need.

What exhibition could you hold locally that makes sense for your business to promote? Consider hosting an industry conference, where you can attract prospective clients and form alliances with similar businesses.

Create a co-branded event

Team up with another small business and create a co-branded event that showcases both of your strengths. Think seminars, webinars, cooking classes, DIY workshops, or art exhibits.

Go green and sponsor a community garden. You’ll be supporting the environment while also encouraging healthy eating habits.

Host a networking event

Bring together other small business owners and professionals for a networking event. You’ll make new connections while also promoting your brand. Networking events can be as simple as meeting for coffee or can be a more formalised agenda, designed to encourage referrals.

Choose your sponsorship ideas wisely

Sponsorship can be a great way to grow your business, regardless of your budget. Hopefully you enjoyed our top sponsorship ideas, however, maybe not all of them are for you. Remember, when selecting a cause to get involved in, it needs to make sense for your brand. Noe every fight is a fight for your brand to take up. You need to protect your brand image and choose your battles wisely.

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