Social media marketing tactics

Social media marketing is essential when you’re in businesses. When you just start out it can be difficult to make an impact, unless you create and share content constantly. The internet is littered with articles that make you feel like you’re missing some key ingredient that will make or break your business. Take a deep breath… this article will show you how to promote your business effectively AND save you hours doing it.

When you’re running a business, you barely have time to finish the essentials because you wear so many hats. Still, there’s almost an expectation that you need to share what you do on your social channels. More than polished corporate images. Your followers want to see what you don’t advertise. They want to see behind the scenes.


How much time do you have to spend creating social media marketing content? Well, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, life can be a bit of a juggling act. Finding the time to write a post for Facebook, take and post photos to Instagram, update people with a Tweet, bring them back via email are all afterthoughts.

Who uses these tactics?

Serial Entrepeneur and Social Media Expert Gary Vee wrote a blog post describing how he tweaks his social media marketing to make it relevant across various platforms. In fact, if you visit Gary Vee’s own social media channels, he often re-uses or re-purposes content for each of them.

10 ways to repurpose your content for other media

John Lee Dumas interviewed the Camejo brothers recently, who are entrepenuers and podcasters. In this interview, they discussed the power of breaking down long form social media marketing content into bite sized but shareable pieces.

In fact, you could look at dozens of famous entrepeneurs who do something similar with their digital marketing. Tim Ferriss creates transcripts from his podcasts and turns them into long form blog content.

Founder of App Sumo, Noah Kagan, turns his podcast episodes into videos and his videos into audio.

Smart social media marketing tactics

Combine long and short form content

Do you create long podcasts, videos, articles or blog posts? If so, you can steal a quote from them and turn it into an image. It’s possible to extract a single tip from one of your articles and share this wisdom. You can cut a video and turn it into multiple shorts or short form videos for Tik Tok. Take a still image from your video and promote that. Use your imagination. There are likely dozens of ways you can combine long and short form content.

Cross post to different platforms

Using some minor tweaks, you can re-purpose your social media content for other platforms. Garry Vee removed the swearing from his LinkedIn posts because that’s a more professional network. Instagram is more visial than other platforms, so the quality of the image or video production is in focus. Twitter is short form text.

Often, all you need to do is make some minor changes. Screen shot Twitter text and share it as a picture on Instagram. Video your reaction to a Tweet and post it on Tik Tok.

If you’re a Go Solo Startups member, you might like to check out our micro business template library where you can download digital marketing tools like our social media marketing features comparison.

Email your blog posts

Every week I create a blog post and share that to my email marketing list (although not technically social), along with an extract. I add a button to attract more visitors to my website. Newsletters are a great way to draw attention to content you create on a variety of platforms. Now you can create newsletters for your followers on LinkedIn, I’m likely to recycle some content from my email newsletter over there.

Swap your cover

Netflix has several movie title covers for each movie, which makes it seem like they have more choice than they do. You may notice, when you follow a top blogger, they repeat themselves on socials. Often they re-post similar content by changing the background, picture or font. It’s not new content but somehow they make it seem like it is.

How can you re-frame your content, so it makes your audience feel like it’s the first time they’ve seen it? Social media followers generally have short attention spans because they are drinking from a fire hose of content.

Expand popular posts

Have you shared a social post that’s proven popular with your followers? If they like that content, why not expand on that and use it as an outline to create a long form blog post? Or use it as a slide to record a “tips” or “how to” video. Create a LinkedIn article or guest post on another network if you don’t have your own blog.

Make live video tips

Take just one tip from your blog, podcast, video or e-book and share a live video of you consuming that content. Talk to your audience about why that particular point is so important for you, why it makes you emotional or when you first realised it. You can also do this to draw attention to other people’s content if it makes sense for your followers.

Popular blog posts become books

Already write blog posts? Do you have a common theme, thread or idea that could tie your posts together? If so, you might consider editing and polishing your blog posts to create a book, e-book or self help guide for your followers. With careful planning, 80 percent of your work will already be done once you write your blog.

Record books as audio books

Some people don’t read books but they will listen to a podcast or audio book. You can record your own audio book from a paper book. If you’re not great at recording or don’t like your voice, you can hire someone to do this on a freelancing platform. You might also consider using… and I can’t believe I’m going to say this… AI to record voice from your text.

Some of the big players, like Google, have started doing this. We’ve used here for over a year and we love the natural sounding voices. Not tecnically social media marketing but you can use either as downloadable content or a lead magnet on any platform.

Summarise video content

Use carousel posts on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to summarise content from your videos. Someone might take the time to scroll through slides but wouldn’t normally invest the extra time to watch a video. Perhaps they’re scrolling at work and are worried the sound might be too loud on video.

Turn your blog into videos

I recently noticed some bloggers who would create a video that’s almost exactly the same as their blog post. Then I realised, they were using their blog as the script for a video. I tested this myself and surprisingly got a 17 minute video out of one article. That’s a lot of content I don’t need to re-create.

Turn videos into podcasts

I’ve already mentioned a few who do this, including Tim Ferriss and Noah Kagan. Once you have recorded your video, you can extract the audio and use it for a podcast. Often, the same people who sit and watch your YouTube videos are not the same people who listen to your podcasts. Time poor people can listen to podcasts while they walk, exercise, drive, commute or water the garden!

Turn your videos into a course

Video courses are generally more polished than off the cuff YouTube videos, however, if you make a series of short but quality videos you can turn them into a course. Perhaps you have your own space to publish a course but you can also check out Vimeo, Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, LinkedIn Academy or any one of dozens of places to become an instructor.

Tricks we use

While this list of social media marketing tactics is not extensive, hopefully you’re starting to get some ideas about how you can re-purpose your own content, so you’re not doubling up on the work. We use many of these tactics at Go Solo Startups, which is why we can output roughly 4-5 times the content we otherwise would.

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