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On street marketing, also known as geurilla marketing, is just as it sounds. Creative and cost effective promotional tactics that cost less than traditional advertising.

Good news for you is you are only limited by your imagination… and local laws. You might need to seek permission from government, local council or a business owner if your campaign is going to involve them or their space.

Surprises work

Remember, the more original you are, the more likely your campaign will explode in popularity. On street marketing isn’t something you just set and forget. Guerilla marketing borrows its name from Guerilla Warfare, so it’s about using unconventional methods and usually relies on “surprise attacks”.

10 on street marketing ideas

Below you will find 10 of the best ideas I could find on street marketing. Hopefully they will spark some ideas you can try to promote your business (or your client’s business, if you’re a marketer), even if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Accidents and near misses

As much as we want to evolve, there’s astill part of the human brain built to notice and react to threats, so it stands to reason we stop and take a moment when we see ads disguised as accidents or possible danger.

Human instincts make us notice campaigns that hint at danger

Big spills

Our brain picks up when something’s not quite right. Traditional outdoor or novelty ads stay in their frame, so when there’s a giant cup of coffee spilt right there in front of us, we take notice because we thing something’s off.

When something seems out of place or not quite right, we take notice

Bold balloons

Creative agency Mr Glasses and guerrilla marketing agency Showtime Marketing were behind a buzzworthy campaign to promote Stephen King’s “IT” movie. Baloons placed above drains with ominous tag lines like, “It’s closer than you think”, were strategically placed around Sydney accompanied by billboards nearby to tie it all together.

Helen Ahrens, Director at Good Things Marketing, points out such campaigns can only be successful if planned well and they incorporate a strong social drive.

Chalk stencils

Chalk stencils are not all that new if you’re in a major city, however, they’re one way to stand out in a space with thousands of pedestrians walking by. Streetfighter Media says these stencils last about a week and are environmentally friendly. A word of caution… you are likely to need permission from your local council to run similar campaigns.

Streetfighter Media in Sydney shows how they use chalk stencils on street marketing

Cinema seat covers

Walking into a cinema, where the seats are covered in bright, colourful and branded seat covers is something that would stand out. What’s great about this campaign is cinema seats are so close to that point of purchase; the candy bar. Cinema goers can easily go and purchase while the ads and previews are running.

M & M’s transformed a cinema into their own bold promotion with these bright chair covers

Clean footpaths

This one is quite clever. Instead of using chalk stencils, which apply a colour to a footpath and often need approval, why not clean the path instead? Clean your logo or brand message into the sidewalk with a stencil and high pressure washer. This is another great idea from Streetfighter in Sydney.

Post-it notes

Post in notes or sticky notes are great because they can be removed easily, so it’s unlikely anyone is going to sue you for property damage. You can brand them with a simple stamp and post them on every door or car in town or you can get creative and make a billboard, with different coloured sticky notes.

Projector ads

Projector advertising used to be something reserved for the big end of town. These days you can buy a portable, rechargeable projector for less than $500. So, even if you don’t have a permanent physical space to project from, you can park a vehicle and project from that or even use a hand held version to project on a wall in a high traffic area.

Chek out this sneaky guerilla marketing campaign from Coke

Push bike billboards

When you’re riding a bike, you can stop almost anywhere without getting a parking fine. So a small crew of 2-3 bikes with mobile billboards on the back can really stand out in peak hour traffic or a high traffic area. Plus, you and your crew will get fit with this type of on street marketing.

Bike billboards can stop and park almost anywhere

Sand embossing

Shadow casting

Several smart campaigns don’t print in the area they want to advertise at all. They use materials that cast a shadow from the sun or a nearby constant light source. Ray Ban did such a thing on bus stops to promote their new sunglasses.

Well placed shadows can place your ads in front of people in more places than you think

Final word on street marketing

When you want more than digital but can’t quite afford TV or other traditional advertising, on street marketing can be a cost effective way to get the word out. Whatever you decide to do to promote your business, get creative and make sure it’s something people will want to talk about.

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