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There’s no shortage of sole trader apps or micro business software to grow your business but what if you’re trying to grow on a shoestring budget? A small monthly subscription here and there can add up quickly. If you’re a fan of movie streaming services, you probably already know what I mean.

Elaine Pofeldt wrote a book called “The Million Dollar One Person Business“. Sounds alright, doesn’t it? What she found by studying these solopreneus, punching well above their weight, was that they take some work off their plate through outsourcing or automation.

App Sumo is one of my favourite sites because I can purchase lifetime deals on software I need to grow my micro business. Sure they rate things using tacos, instead of stars, but don’t be alarmed. As you’ve probably worked out by now, every cent counts when you feel like David, up against Goliath. Of course you can jump right in and check out the site yourself or you can see which sole trader apps I’ve suggested you check out below.

Best sole trader apps

Word Hero AI

With the pressure to create unique content for your website and social media all the time, Word Hero can write blog posts, social media content, marketing emails and more. Tonnes of users, great reviews and worth a look because they have a lifetime deal, which means you only pay once in like… forever.

Zero Work

Who wouldn’t like the name of this app? Set up your own automations, so you never need to do repetitive tasks again. In fact, Zero Work even lets you create automations between different apps and sell those to other businesses in their online marketplace.

Automate the boring stuff

Feedback Link

By now you probably know you need feedback to grow your business. Maybe you also know you can send feedback requests to your clients, fans and followers and get nothing back. Do they hate you? Probably not. But they are time poor and may need some direction. Feedback Link is an app where you can send your clients or customers a link and invite feedback. Positive feedback is directed to Google, Facebook and other public facing sites. Negative feedback, on the other hand, is sent straight to you and not published online. Phew!

Samdock CRM

One thing that turns prospects off buying from you is if you don’t follow up when you say you will. CRM or customer relationship management systems make it easy to stay organised, meet client needs and follow up as planned. Samdock CRM is a one time payment CRM, so you can afford state of the art sole treader apps, without going broke. Never miss a sales opportunity again.

Meta Survey

Tinder was the dating app designed for the lazy majority of people who didn’t want to fill out a survey. And as a small business owner you probably notice your clients and customers are not too responsive to traditional surveys either. So what if you had Meta Survey, which is an attractive looking swipe right style of survey app? I don’t mean Tinder profile attractive. Just a visually appealing user interface. Feedback drives decisons in small business, so this app might be what the doctor ordered.


Stackable enhances Gutenberg Blocks Builder if you are using WordPress to build your website. In case you use Go Solo Startups to build your website, it’s already baked in. Stackable has UI templates, pre-built premium blocks, dynamic content fields and more to power up your website. If you’re a web designer or simply want to build a fast, responsive website, with no code, Stackable is awesome. So, if you haven’t created a website on Go Solo Startups and choose instead to build your own on WordPress, check out stackable.

Upbase All in One Project Management Tool

I love the look of this tool because I already use Trello every day and Upbase has a similar kanban style view. Upbase makes it easy to keep your team on track for any project with built in team schedule, task management chat and lists to keep everything together. So, if you feel like your new venture is a bit of a circus and you need to start controlling your animals, this could be the start of something great.

Upbase project management app demo

UPDF PDF Editor All Platforms

PDFs are popular because they can be shared and viewed on almost any device. Have you ever tried to edit a PDF only to find existing tools are clunky or lack the features to achieve the look you want? Or you need an advanced option, like asking for a signature on a legal document? Create and edit PDF files to work across all platforms, with UPDF. Easily edit text and pictures on a single page or in bulk, acorss multiple pages, with this user friendly PDF editor. You can even create documents ready for people to sign, right on screen. A handy sole trader app becasue you can tidy up all the documents you need to run your business.

Screen to Video

As a solopreneur or micro business owner, you might want to outsource occasionally. When you’re ready to add employees, you may want them to start doing some of the work you used to do, which frees you up for your most important tasks. One of the fastest ways to instruct new hires or someone you outsource to, on a task you usually do, is to record your screen and walk them through it, step by step. Screen to Video makes that easy. Plus, you can record instructional videos on how to use software, for your clients, partners or others who you need to teach.

Blakify Text to Speech

In our competitive and fast paced world, audio and video are growing mediums. Your followers may not always have time to read long form blog posts, books or other lengthy publications. And when you work on your own or as part of a small team, you don’t always have time to record videos or podcasts to make your content more accessible. Blakify Text to Speech lets you add your written content and quickly converts it to audio, in a natural sounding AI voice you choose. If you are uncomfortable about your voice on audio, this is a great way to still get your thoughts out in the world.

Work smarter as a sole trader

These sole trader apps are really worth their salt, if you want to grow your business with minimal effort. As a solopreneur, you need to find ways to automate what you do, especially that low value tasks that consume your time.

One sensible word of caution would be to stop and make a deliberate conscious decision of whether you have the time to use the app properly and how essential it is to save you time, boost your productivity or accelerate your business growth. Then, shop around to see if there’s something cheaper or if you can get an awesome lifetime deal on better sole trader apps.


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