Social media marketing nudes

Social media marketing is competitive and if you want your business to stand out, you need to take risks by exposing yourself. Before you dim the lights and get into your birthday suit, I should clarify, no one actually needs to take their clothes off here. Put the camera away Romeo.

What I mean by seeing you naked is, customers want to see behind your corporate logo and brand image. They want to see your personal brand too.


Mistakes businesses make

Most solopreneurs, small and micro business owners make the mistake of focusing too much on the polished corporate brand image in their social media marketing. In the process, they try and hide anything personal from their business page. Your customers want to know what you’re great at, if they can trust you, if you’re authentic and if they like you. Unless you share something more than people could see in a 30 second ad, they’re not likely to follow you or engage with your content.

“Customers want to know if they can trust you, if you’re authentic and if they like you”

Customers like to play in the dirt

Let me tell you, no one wants the polished 30 second version of anything. In fact, human nature has always been to want to know a little bit more, see a little bit more or go a little bit deeper than anyone else has. Perhaps it’s our competitive nature. Sure, you can make a polished version of your video but your customers want to see what you left out too.

People don’t only like to watch what’s in front of them. They like to see the full movie or the extended version of something. In short, they want to know what they’re missing out on. That’s why they rarely stop at a movie trailer. They want to see it all.

Customers want the truth

Do you believe what you’re selling? People are getting more cynical than ever because they’re sick of big, corporations deceiving them and not knowing who is to blame. That’s one of the reasons people like to see behind the scenes in your social media marketing. They want to see if they can trust you. They want to see if you and your team hold the same values as your business claims to hold. If not, you’re in trouble.

Nothing new to social

Social media marketing is not the beginning of people’s desire to see what goes on behind the scenes. Today’s platforms have simply given customers new opportunities to pursue an old passion. Below are some examples of how this has played out in the past.

Getting behind backstage

Remember when you went to see your favourite band as a teenager? The most expensive tickets were right at the front where you could get up close and personal. If you were really lucky, you might be selected to go backstage and meet the band.

Everyone who didn’t get backstage would always wonder what went on back there and perhaps be a little bit envious they might be missing out. Think of social media marketing as your back stage.

Seeing food cooked

When I travel, I often frequent McDonalds wherever I go. Not because they employ highly trained chefs. They employ teenagers. How could I have confidence that they will prepare my food in a clean environment? Because in almost every McDonalds, I can see right into the kitchen.

My wife loves to order food from a shop called Le Wrap because their wraps taste amazing. But what attracted her to Le Wrap initially is that there is a clear glass partition around the cook’s grill, so you can observe the process.

Watching the bloopers

I love to watch a good comedy… but do you know what’s sometimes even better? Watching the blooper reels at the end of the movie or afterwards on social. Did you ever hear a movie you liked had an alternate ending and the director decided to cut that out in favour of the final version? I imagine you wanted to know how else it might have ended.

Movie set tours

People love to tour movie sets. It’s not enough that the people who made the movie have possibly invested $100 million to make you believe it’s real. People want to see behind the magic and know how and where it was made. My wife and I play a game when we watch a movie called, “What else is that actor in?” My wife jumps onto IMDB mid movie, so she can share trivia with me.

How can you show people behind the set through your social media marketing efforts?

Who does behind the scenes well?

Entrepreneurs who have done well to set themselves apart in the past, have been able to show people more through publicity, public relations and (more recently) social. Word of mouth was spread in a different way, however, the principle was similar. Customers want to know who the people are behind the brand.

  • Richard Branson created Virgin and because of his widley publicised stunts, he’s easy to associate with a sense of adventure AND of course, almost impossible to seperate from the Virgin brand in our minds.
  • Dick Smith is also famous as an adventurer because we have seen his achievements in the media, however, he’s probably most widely known in Australia because of his Dick Smith Electronics and other brands.
  • Kim Kardashian made a show about her life and her massive audience love it and at the time of writing she has 333 million followers just on Instagram. People love it because she lets them behind the scenes. Of course there are business interests, including sponsored posts, which are attached to that too but the takeaway is that Kim is the Queen, when it comes to social media marketing.

Social media marketing starts with a plan

At this point you may be thinking, “Why do I need a plan if I can just paste anything, unedited, on social media?” Actually there are some rules for what you can and can’t post.

Careful not to post anything that might be harmful to your brand or not consistent with your brand values. Remember, people are checking to see if you’re authentic. So, if you’re waving the banner around to say you are an animal rights activist and proud vegan, either:

a) Don’t go hunting with friends in Africa OR

b) Don’t post the photo of you next to the Lion you just hunted on social media

I firmly suggest you stick to your authentic values online and lock in option A.

Trust takes time

People also want to know if they can trust you, so be careful not to post anything that erodes trust. Trust is something that you build over the long term but it can be destroyed quickly. As Warren Buffett says, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

Warren Buffett

Have fun with your social media marketing

Like everything in life and business, you need to learn to have fun with your social media marketing. Enjoy the process, get yourself out there, be genuine and open and honest. Share bloopers and gags, processes and your best quick fixes. The only thing off limits is a comment or post that’s likely to contradict your brand image, values or what you stand for.


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