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Digital marketing is a ****fight [INSERT TYPE OF FIGHT HERE].

And as every digital marketing guru will tell you, “Stop whatever you are doing in your startup or small business and create content instead”.


As every small or micro business owner will tell you, “I don’t have time”.

Oh, we get get it. Freelancers and solopreneurs in particular get to wear a hat for every role in the business. As I have remarked before, the challenge of juggling too many balls as a solopreneur, is that you end up dropping a few of them and looking like a clown instead.

Time saving digital marketing hacks

Thankfully, as a solopreneur, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to work smarter when it comes to digital marketing.

Batch social media posts

At this stage, the only social media tool I use to make life easy is Publer. Publer will let you schedule posts across various social media platforms, set default pages, boards, branding watermarks and more. I imagine this alone would save me 2 hours per week, given that I usually post between 5 and 14 pieces of content.

Show people backstage

This might surprise you but often that time you spend polishing social media posts, so they look perfect is a waste. Social media is not about perfection. Leave that for the TV ads, where you only need to find 30 seconds of perfect content. People visit your social media pages because they want to see behind the scenes, including your imperfections. Think of it as a backstage pass for them.

Gary Vaynerchuck (also known as Gary Vee) is a social media expert, who has amassed around 41.2 million followers across his social media networks. Check out a few of Gary’s posts, where he is dressed in a plain tee-shirt, taking selfies or videos from awkward angles. Like it or not, this is Gary Vee. At least no one can say he’s being inauthentic.

Repurpose your content

As Daniel Priestley suggests, in his book 24 Assets, you possibly already have a lot of digital marketing content saved in your business. You can re-use this content across platforms, with only minor tweaking. But think of how your followers consume content in different forms:

  • Can you turn a blog post into a short video?
  • Can you easily turn a video into a blog post?
  • Can you screen shot a video to make a meme out of it?
  • Is it possible to bring a picture to life with a video?
  • Did you post some facts, you can adapt for an infographic?
  • Do you have a longer video you can trim for TikTok or YouTube Shorts?
  • Could you reach a new audience if you re-posted your content at different times?

Create a formula

One of my favourite podcasts, Entrepeneurs on Fire, is usually about 30 minutes in length. John Lee Dumas is the host and he set himself apart by being the first in his space to have a show 7 days per week. Let that sink in. Every. Single. Day. I have heard John remark that he often records 2 shows per day, which allows him to take a break on weekends and make time for holidays.

When you listen to enough of John’s shows, you will hear that his questions are almost identical for every guest. He has put together a series of questions that guide every one of his guests to tell a great story. Perhaps this formula, that’s now worked for 3,773 episodes and counting, has served him well. In September 2022, John and his small team made $182,899.

Cross post your blogs

If you have a blogging site, ofen there are tools to set this up to cross post to social media platforms. Once you hit publish on your blog, you have also posted to Facebook, Twitter and any blogging networks you’re connected to. For example, if you use WordPress, you can connect to the broader WordPress community, so users can read and leave comment without needing to re-register for your site.

Use Jetpack or a similar service to automatically publish your blog posts to social, when you click publish

Engage with publishers

People spend hours trying to create quality content, so they will appreciate when you show them some love. It takes just 2 minutes to leave a helpful comment to show your appreciation or express your thoughts on a blog or social media post. On Facebook and LinkedIn, you may even be able to login as your business page or company profile to earn yourself some exposure by engaging in a popular post (or better still, be first to engage).

Imagine how many people will see your brand if you invest just 15-30 minutes per day finding relevant content to engage with. The investment and the time you spend are minimal in comparison.

Steal content ideas

“Hold on”, I hear you ask, “Won’t I go to gaol?” Now I’m not talking about directly copying anyone else’s content, so no one needs to go to gaol. Following your competitors to get ideas about what to post on social media, commenting or making content about current affairs and finding out what’s trending is a good tactic.

A social media publishing tool, like Publer, can offer content suggestions in several categories or you can subscribe to a list of RSS feeds, so you have convenient access to post links and add comments.

Easily create a content calendar and publish on multiple social media platforms, with Publer.

Then you’ve got sneaky tools like Buzz Sumo and Ubersuggest, both of which can show you which pieces of content are most popular for your chosen topic. You can create similar posts or pick up on the trends for ideas.

Narrow your focus

Every day I speak with entrepreneurs who are following the shiny new object. Focus where you can add the most value in return for investing your time, resources, money and energy. Choose 1 core product to be your focus. Choose 1 target market to be your focus. Everything else is just noise.

I know, I know. It’s not even a digital marketing tip. But if you narrow your focus in this way, your message is more likely to resonate with your target market. That’s got to be better than the hit and miss approach so many take with digital marketing.

Use dynamic content

Your website needs to be more than a static, brochure style site. Dynamic content means you update a single field, for example, your tag line and that content is automatically updated throughout the entire site. You might also invite user generated content, like empowering visitors to vote, like, share, comment or otherwise engage with you. Plus, you can offer self service, so users can book appointments, pay you, receive a tax invoice or perhaps login for exclusive access to content.

Consider, for example, how much time you could save by fixing a minor problem for your client by offering a free download. In return, they answer a few questions, which help you qualify them as a new lead. Then, their details are sent through to your CRM system and you have a qualified lead sitting in your inbox.

Work smarter on your digital marketing, not harder

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with all of the noise. Digital marketing and social media gurus telling us the 101 things we must be doing right now in our businesses. The truth is, you need to find what works. Find your tribe, work out what they want and deliver it. Period.

As a solopreneur or micro business owner, you need to find smarter ways of working because you don’t just do social media. You’re the nuts and bolts of your business.


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