Business startup help near me

Most people who want to start a business simply Google, “Business startup help near me” to get started. Doing so brings back 739 million results, so it’s difficult to know which link to follow first. What you read online might give you some clues for success, however, finding the right community to connect with in the real world can also have a significant impact.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

Abraham Lincoln

Think about the quote above from Abraham Lincoln. Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with? Is their average, what you want in your life? If not, maybe it’s time to surround yourself with people who have been where you want to go.

Here are some often overlooked, sometimes forgotten methods to find local business support and assistance. So, before you type “business startup help near me” into your search bar, maybe start with these more traditional (but often no less effective) methods.

Business startup help near me

Chambers of Commerce

Most Australian towns and cities will have a Chamber of Commerce. Depending how active your local chamber is, your membership may include a business listing in their directory and invites to local meetings, among other opportunities. My time with the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce and previously Picton Chamber of Commerce enabled me to surround myself with like minded people, who had a wealth of business experience.

Find you local chamber by searching the website directory for your peak state body, which you will find below. Alternatively, you can type “local chamber of commerce” into your search bar.

Australian Chamber of Commerce

NSW Chamber of Commerce

NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce

NT Chamber of Commerce

QLD Chamber of Commerce and Industry

SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry

TAS Chamber of Commerce and Industry

VIC Chamber of Commerce

WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are popping up everywhere are they’re a great place to seek business startup help. Near me, I know of 3 existing co-working spaces or business hubs. You might need to do a local Google or Bing search, get in touch with your local council or simply ask at your local cafe owner if they know of any spaces.

Government assistance

In Australia, our government funds several coaching and support programs for small and startup businesses. There’s an Australian Government website, where you can search their local “adviser finder”, for a list of coaches and programs in your post code.

Local councils

Contact your local council and tell them you are thinking of starting a business locally. Ask of they have an economic development team, who might be able to help you research your market and connect with relevant local resources. Most forward thinking councils are excited when they know people want to start a local business because it keeps money in your town.

Find your local council in NSW

Find your local council NT

Find your local council QLD

Find your local council SA

Find your local council TAS

Find your council VIC

Find your council WA

Networking groups

Find local business networking events and connect with like minded professionals and entrepeneurs. Most people know enough to type “business startup help near me” into search, however, they miss the help that’s right in front of them. Find business people who have been there, done that. Or you might connect with a helpful accountant, solicitor or business coach to take your business to the next level.

Business events may be listed on your local council or chamber web page but you might also want to check out Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook or LinkedIn for events being run by other groups. If they don’t have one, you can start one. I suggest you use one of the previosly mentioned meeting sites, so people can book for your event.

Referral groups

Previously I belonged to a business referral group, which cost me a lot of money to join. I made my money back in 1-2 months and ended up becoming President of the local chapter of this close knit business community. Business Networking International is the biggest of these groups, however, you might also like to try Business Referral Group or South West Referral Groups.


Unlike other networking events, referral groups are about passing warm qualified leads and business opportunities to your peers. Typically, only one business from each category can join a referral group.

Small Business Commissioner

Most Australian states have a Small Business Commissioner. You might find them under general business support, when you search, “Business startup help near me”, however, their main role is advocating on behalf of small business and providing dispute resolution, whether your are dealing with a government or private entity.

Below you will find links to Small Business Commissioners for New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Northern Territory and Tasmania do not have a Small Business Commssioner but they have similar services to connect you with the right resources.

NSW Small Business Commissioner

NT Small Business Champions

QLD Small Business Commissioner

SA Small Business Commissioner

TAS Small Business Council

VIC Small Business Commissioner

WA Small Business Commissioner

Local startup and microbusiness support

Conversations about digital marketing seem to dominate online, as if the internet and social media are the only places to find the help you need for your business. Next time you need, “business startup help near me”, perhaps actually start the search near you. Ask your contacts, take a walk to local council or put your name down for the next local networking breakfast.

Your startup or small business is likely to make a significant impact if you get out into the real world and form deep, meaningful connections. What you do behind the desk will have little impact, compared to the relationships you form over coffee, breakfast or lunch. Aside from the value of relationships, you will learn something by connecting in person with a qualified business coach or mentor because you will learn from your observations of their behaviour, body language and other non-verbal (or non-written) communication.


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