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Niche marketing is a smart strategy when you are a startup business because you have limited money, resources (including people) and time. A niche is a small, specialised market. Much better to create your personal brand and effectively be a big fish in a small pond , than to be a small fish in a big pond. Better to be either of those than a fish on a grill (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Go Solo Startups realise the “build it and they will come” mentality people applied to websites in the past does not work. It never did. So, we have done our best to include essential niche marketing tools to help you promote your business and stand out in your particular niche; as a big fish in a small pond.

Go Solo Startups niche marketing tips

Keep your website content fresh

Create rich, dynamic websites in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional websites. Plus, updating dynamic content in one area means these changes are reflected everywhere. Make a great looking website and keep your content fresh.

Blog your way to expert status

Every website includes a blog , which is a great space to write in depth articles to show off your expertise. Of course you can share photos, videos and more. Best of all , there’s no algorithms or social media rankings here. You can share what you like. Unless of course it’s illegal, like that time Aunty Janice had one too many red wires and did that crazy… Anyway, I’m getting off track. Your blog posts are automatically shared on wordpress, on your to solo startups activity feed and in our website directory. win, win, win. Plus, Our SEO tools have a built in “one click” social share buttons.

You can also create guest blog posts for another popular website or platform in your niche. In case you can’t find enough relevant websites for your particular industry, you can always post a new article to LinkedIn, blog on Medium or repurpose your blog content into a WikiHow article, Slideshare presentation or YouTube video.

Raise your professional profile

Every Go Solo Startups membership includes a professional profile listing because you need to build your personal brand. Add your profile photo and complete your profile fields, so like minded startup founders can discover you and what you do. People follow people. Make sure your photo looks professional.

You can also include links to other social media and networking platforms on your Go Solo Startups profile, so your followers can connect with you wherever they are.

Surround yourself with like minded people

Connect with like minded startup founders on networks like Go Solo Startups, Flying Solo and Niche marketing is about finding your strengths and focusing on those with intensity, so why not connect with someone who has a strength you don’t have. For example , you might be attracted to a person because they have a huge * cough’ mailing list. They might be attracted to you because of your ample… social media following. You never know. You might find your next professional partner opportunity by connecting on to Solo startups optimise your posts and pages.

Optimise your content for search and social

Every website on Go Solo Startups includes software so you can optimise your writing and be found for selected keywords in search engines. Your site also includes social media optimisation too , including selection of the most appropriate media to share , watermarks for branding and more. Built in SEO software gives you copywriting tips, as you type and a score, so you know when you’re getting close.

Once you have finished opimising your new page or blog post, you can further promote your website by creating backinks and pointing them to your website. We created a blog post to help you build backlinks to your website.

Build your own client list

Build your own database of subscribers or your own client list. when you engage in niche marketing , many mass advertising efforts go to waste because you are paying to reach a lot of people who are not in your niche. Send new leads to a market leading CRM system , like HubSpot, so you can chase every lead. Attract new subscribers to your mailing list, so you can stay connected until they are ready to buy.


Multiply your niche marketing efforts, with influencers

Engage with relevant content of local influencers you would like to connect with, on LinkedIn or similar social networks, before you reach out or see them at your next networking event. At most, they will like or appreciate your comment or contribution. At the very least, your name will sound familiar when you introduce yourself. Sometimes your niche marketing efforts can be multiplied by connecting with an opinion leader or influencer.

Check out the sites I mentioned above, in “Surround yourself with like minded people”, to find people who are influencers in your industry. You can also search for social media influencers in a more targeted way on Buzz Sumo, Upfluence or Tagger.

Comment on other users’ blog posts who serve your niche

Marketing is not something you do on your own. It’s a team sport. Find startups who are creating blog posts and social media content in your niche and engage with that content. Like, share or better still, leave a helpful comment for the person who posted the content and their followers. I heard Yesim Saydan, a social media expert on a podcast episode of EO Fire: LinkedIn Secrets for Busy Entrepreneurs.

During that podcast, she explained, too many people are obsessed with posting new content but the trick with LinkedIn is to be one of the few that read and show an interest in other people’s content. I would argue that could extend to any blogging platfrom or social media network.

Put everything you learn into practice

Ideas are worthless without action . So, before you go and chalk this up as another interesting article you read once , take the time to apply your ‘knowledge and test what you have learned. There are 10 ideas , each of which could net you massive results, if done right. Go Solo Startups is packed with niche marketing tools to help you improve your results… but it’s not a silver bullet. This article is packed with links to other websites I recommend you check out, to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.


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