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I know there’s small business and then there’s very small business, like those who are flying solo (self employed) or microbusinesses (with fewer than 5 employees). Never fear. Even tiny businesses can have a massive impact. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite blogs and websites below, which should you as a small business owner, even if you work alone.

Elaine Pofeldt

Business Author and Journalist

Perhaps I should start with one of my favourites. Elaine’s book, “The Million Dollar One Person Business”, is the result of interviewing successful solopreneurs to find out how they grew their businesses to 7 figures. Elaine is a Journalist for Forbes and her “blog” site is simply a list of articles she has written. Check it out.

Flying Solo

Australian Microbusiness Community

Flying Solo is a great space to create your personal profile, access thought provoking articles for solopreneurs and microbusiness owners, as well as network with a bunch of like minded entrepreneurs (this extends to spaces like LinkedIn and Facebook). If you are in the business to business space, you can publish your own articles and content too.

Greg Mckeown

Entrepreneur, CEO and Author

Greg wrote a book about his approach to work and life called, “Essentialism” and later followed up with a book called, “Effortless”. It’s like minimalism at work and in business. He is one of those guys who can deliver a well thought out line, which seems to have a stroke of genius in it. Greg’s news feed is a list of articles, posts and podcasts he has been involved in.

Mark Manson

Self Help Author

Mark Manson gives life advice that doesn’t suck, as he phrases it. He’s the author of the ultra-successful book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***”. Technically, Mark’s Blog is not a business site but it is a great space to explore the highs and lows of life. An irreverent take on traditional self help advice. Even if you don’t agree, Mark gets you thinking.

Mike Michalowicz

Entrepreneur and Business Author

Mike Michalowicz is a serial entrepeneur who started several multi-million dollar businesses. An author of one of my favourite books, “Clockwork: How to Have a Business and a Life”. Mike’s advice is not conventional business advice and, honestly, that’s why I think it’s a blog worth checking out.

Neil Patel

SEO and Digital Marketing Expert

Neil Patel is no doubt the SEO and digital marketing expert I respect the most. Not only does he know a lot but he is also great at simplifying it for everyday solopreneurs and freelancers. Neil has even created one of my favourite SEO tools, Ubersuggest. Check out Neil’s blog.

Seth Godin

Marketing Guru and Author

Seth’s Blog delivers bite sized pieces of marketing wisdon for your small or very small business. He has a way of simplifying otherwise complex or difficult to understand marketing concepts. Marketing is so much more than advertising, promotion or social media. Few will understand what it really is… but Seth breaks it down.

Startup Daily

Australian Startup News

Startup Daily is a news and reasearch blog, focused on Australian Startups. When you are flying solo, sometimes you need inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and founders, who have been where you are and experienced the same emotions.

Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur, Angel Inestor and Author

Tim Ferriss coined the term, “Work Life Design”. After all, when you start your own business, isn’t one of the benefits being in control of your own time. Ferriss took this to the extreme when he wrote his extremely popular book, “The 4 Hour Work Week”. His podcasts and blog posts are quite in depth but an enjoyable read.


Business Ideas and Opportunities

Fast becoming one of my favourite sites, Trends, research products and indutries that are booming right now or set to take off. I am always wary of shiny new objects but if you are looking for your next opportunity, this is worth checking out. There’s a free trial you can subscribe to, which already got the ideas flowing for me. Plus, you can connect with like minded entrepreneurs to find your next co-founder or investor.

Yaro Starak

Australian Solopreneur and Blogger

Yaro was one of the original Aussie Bloggers to earn a full time income. I’m not sure if he is still a solopreneur, in the true sense of the word, however, his approach is still very hands on. If you want to learn about another entrepreneur’s journey, flying solo, Yaro has documented his experiences in this blog that spans over a decade.

For yourself, not by yourself

This completes the round-ups of must read blogs for anyone who is just getting started or choosing to go it alone in business. Life as a solopreneur or freelancer can be tough. lonely and challenging. Sometimes it can be helpful to connect with others on the same journey to share your experiences. Remember to check out the Go Solo Startups blog and connect with others in our online community too because being in business for yourself, doesn’t mean you need to be alone.

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