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Link building is an essential part of search engine optimisation because the more quality links your website has coming in, the higher quality Google perceives your site to be. At Go Solo Startups we build links into our main site, however, you can also create links directly into your own launch website.

In this post, when we use the term link building, we are referring to building backlinks, which are those on other websites pointing back to your website. Baclinks aren’t only great for search engines. They’re great for people too, who might see one of these link and click on it to be taken to your website directly.

How to build quality backlinks

Google and Bing Business Listings

Let’s start with the simplest method of link building. Get verified, complete your online business profile and make sure you include a link to your own website on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) or Bing Places for Business.

Create a blog roll on your site

Okay, you may be thinking, “Isn’t this on my own site? How is this a backlink?” That’s true. But having quality outbound links provides a resource, so new visitors may come back to your site to access those links. Also, other blog and website owners can often see the sites linking in to them. If your site provides quality content that helps their audience, they may link back to you also.

Launch a slideshare presentation

A little known secret of link building is to find an underrated website, like Slideshare, and publish your content. You can teach anything on Slideshare and you might be surprised at how many views this can rack up over time.

Link building from your official social media pages

Start an official page for your business on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and pinterest. Paste your website’s address in your profile and make sure you use your built in search engine ranking software (Rank Math at Go Solo) to add your official profiles to your site. This tells Google and Bing, when it comes to your business, these social pages are your official pages. What about Instagram and sites that don’t let you have more than one link or will not let you add links to your posts? In that case, you can use a link in bio like Linktree.

Design and post shareable infographics

Infographics are extremly popular because they provide a visual representation of an idea. You can create an infographic on Canva and share it on your website or blog. Make sure it’s easy to share and you make it clear people have your permission to share on social media or post on their own blog (in return for a backlink to your website, where they found the content).

Post on other blogs as a guest

Find a popular blog, related to what youy do. Reach out to the author of the blog and offer to write a guest blog post. If they accept, you will have your own profile, which means you can link back to your website. Most blogs include the author info, including your wesbite URL at the bottom of the post.

Comment on articles and blog posts

This is a simple link building idea. Must easier than writing a full blog post because you only need a couple of sentences. Consider registering as a member of a blogging platfrom with multiple blogs. If your site is with Go Solo Startups, it’s worth connecting your blog to, using Jetpack. Once registered, you can easily search for related blogs and engage with their authors.

Steal your competitor’s backlinks

Honestly, we have save one of the best for now. Find the most popular websites in your industry, find out which sites are linking into them and find out how you can get those same sites linking in to you. How do you find which sites link to your competitors? Well, Ubsersuggest has a resource where you can type any domain name and find backlinks. Try it for free.

Blog round up link building

One of the fastest ways to write a blog post is to arrange a list of the best blog posts on any particular topic. Again, this serves 2 purposes. People want to link to a valuable resource list, if it helps them and helps their audience. Plus, when you link to specific articles, the authors may take notice of your related content and see that it can add value for their audience also.

Create a free tool or resource

Previously I metnioned Ubersuggest, a resource you can test for free before you buy it. The catch? You need to visit Neil Patel’s website to get it. How well does this work for Neil? At the time of writing there are 13,387 inbound links to Ubersuggest. Maybe you are not quite as tech savvy but that’s okay. Can you publish downloadable content that people can access from your website? Perhaps you can publish office templates, cheat sheets, planning templates and more. As long as it’s related to your business, it makes sense.

What’s your smartest link building tactic?

Start building backlinks and in time, this will boost your search engine rankings. Above are some of the best ideas we could find for building quality inbound connections but there are probably dozens. Do you have an idea or a tactic you have used to enourage more people to link to your site? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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