I have worked with quite a few nerds who love information technology for the sake of it. Good for them. I’m not one of them. I am only interested in information technology, so far as it enhances people’s lives. Everyday people. Time management apps fit that criteria.

I have downloaded quite a few apps in my search for the ones that will make life a little easier, tasks a little quicker and save me time somewhere else in my life.

Here are my top 5 time management apps:

  1. “aTimeLogger” by BGCI is a simple way to track your daily activities, so you can discover what you actually do with your time. You can set up and track how long you spend on email, phone calls, Facebook, travelling and anything else during your day. You need to understand what you really do with your time before you can be an effective time manager.
  2. “My Goals” by Apps Simples is a goals setting app, which assists you to set and categorise goals for all areas of your life. My favourite feature is the goal mosaic, which is a collage of pictures related to your goals. The mosaic gives you a quick visual overview of what is important to you.
  3. “OneNote” by Microsoft is an easy way to create and organise your notes. Quickly create shopping or to do lists or just start writing. You can easily organise your notes into books and sections but my favourite feature is that you can easily synch it across your devices. OneNote works on PC and Android.
  4. “Calendar” by Google Inc. is great if you don’t already use a calendar app on your phone. This is a full featured calendar, which lets you set up and categorise events, invite people, synchronise your schedule, import online calendars, add attachments to events and more. Best of all it’s free and you can use it with you Google or Gmail account.
  5. “Briefing” Reads out a daily brief, so you can listen to your first appointments, top news stories and even today’s stock prices. You can listen while you travel to work, even if you’re driving. Now for the bad news. From what I can gather this in an app that’s pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy and not available in the app store. Similar apps are available in the Google Play Store.

Some of these apps I use every day. Others I only use occasionally. I have found them all to make life simpler and help me get back in control of my time.

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